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Exodus And Conflict, The Right To Hope

Alessandro Bulgini, Gian Maria Tosatti, Fabio Bucciarelli, Diego Ibarra Sánchez
30.3 – 20.5.2017
Film Commission
Via Cagliari 42, Torino

The exhibition compares two different languages, art and photo-reportage, to reflect on the implications and during the post-war decades, sadly normalized emergencies of our "Century." Different approaches: on one side two artists, Alessandro Bulgini and Gian Maria Tosatti, active in the artist's social and political sphere in today's society, presenting Their projects on Jungle of Calais. On the other side, Fabio Bucciarelli and Diego Ibarra Sánchez, photojournalists of the MeMo group, always traveling in areas of high-risk war.
Individualists from humanitarian impulse, ready to risk Their Lives to document great social issues, conflicts and humanitarian crises.

Artists who take part in the exhibition:
Alessandro Bulgini
Diego Ibarra Sánchez
Fabio Bucciarelli
Gian Maria Tosatti
SANTI GUERRIERI the saints are coming...

Vesna Bursich
22 Ottobre – 31 Maggio 2018
The Saints Warriors of Vesna Bursich are contemporary icons, saints with a real arsenal: assault rifles, infrared viewers, grenades, landmine until to the most terrible weapon, the atomic bomb.
Creating an army of armed saints is a real conceptual explosion. The artist, however, doesn’t want to use the weapon of provocation, but rather to engage in acute reflection on the significance of religious icons and the arms race from which a profound work on the stratification of the meanings that past history, present, and religion they offer us. Vesna Bursich declares a common illness, a statement against an epoch tormented by wars and conflicts.
On display 60 unpublished works made between 2016 and 2017, including a precious selection of oil painted icons on table with gold leaf.

Artists who take part in the exhibition:
Vesna Bursich

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