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   Exodus And Conflict, The Right To Hope / SANTI GUERRIERI the saints are coming...

Exodus And Conflict, The Right To Hope

Alessandro Bulgini, Gian Maria Tosatti, Fabio Bucciarelli, Diego Ibarra Sánchez
30.3 – 20.5.2017

Film Commission
Via Cagliari 42, Torino

The exhibition compares two different languages, art and photo-reportage, to reflect on the implications and during the post-war decades, sadly normalized emergencies of our "Century." Different approaches: on one side two artists, Alessandro Bulgini and Gian Maria Tosatti, active in the artist's social and political sphere in today's society, presenting Their projects on Jungle of Calais. On the other side, Fabio Bucciarelli and Diego Ibarra Sánchez, photojournalists of the MeMo group, always traveling in areas of high-risk war.
Individualists from humanitarian impulse, ready to risk Their Lives to document great social issues, conflicts and humanitarian crises.

30 March to 20 May 2017, Film Commission Torino
from Monday to Friday h 9.00 to 18.00
Thursday, March 30 (opening day) from 12.00 to 22.00
Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1 from 16.00 to 22.00

The exhibition will be enriched by 3 appointments of dialogue between curator and artists:

Thursday, March 30 at 18.30, Film Commission

Patrizia Bottallo meets Fabio Bucciarelli and Diego Ibarra Sánchez

A new approach to photojournalism. Memo an international network of independent photojournalists who disseminates information to protect democracy and human rights. A new perspective on the role of the photojournalist today, told through the projects of two photojournalists: Fabio Bucciarelli, in his The Dream project he has documented the conflicts of refugees after the Arab Spring in the Middle East and Africa, and Diego Ibarra Sánchez, he examines about the value of education, law violated in Iraq, Pakistan and Colombia, investigating the serious situation of illiteracy due to attacks to the school system by the guerrillas.

Friday, March 31

18.30, Film Commission
History and destiny - New Men's Land (Rainbow)
Patrizia Bottallo meets Gian Maria Tosatti

In November 2015, Tosatti starts to develop a project dedicated to the Jungle of Calais for the self-representation of a community to which we owe the foundation of a real city in the heart of Europe. Among the many declines of this project, the largest consisted of the construction of a rainbow 20 m high and 50 wide that would cross the entire city: symbol of regeneration and alliance. The project was interrupted by the destruction of the refugee camp. The meeting goes through the various stages of the project, the history, the meetings with the migrants, a new stateless people now dispersed.

h.19,20 Film Commission
000-2016 Opera Viva - the Jungle of Calais
Patrizia Bottallo meets Alessandro Bulgini

Alessandro Bulgini directs his artistic activities in favor of territories and its inhabitants, trying to bring attention where it’s needed.
On 8 July 2016 he decided to go to the Jungle of Calais and begins an unforgettable experience. The artist describes his opera Viva, performance with total freedom of expression are able to create an alternative social language with the inhabitants of the "twentyfirst century city." "I turned on - he says - to make a contribution, energy, art ... I hope a little 'help. A witness to what is now dismantled. "

Artists who take part in the exhibition:
Alessandro Bulgini
Diego Ibarra Sánchez
Fabio Bucciarelli
Gian Maria Tosatti

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