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site specific project
27 Ottobre 2013 – 13 Aprile 2014

At the “Scrigno dell’Arte”
Antico Borgo Monchiero - Località Monchiero Alto 3 (CN)
Info Tel. +39 0173 792190 -

“GENESIS OF THE ENDLESS” Pavel Schmidt site specific project Pavel Schmidt was born in Bratislava in 1956 and he now works in Solothurn (Swiss). The international Swiss – Slovak took over the outdoor spaces with his works, some of these were sites-specific installation made of copper and aluminum and other works were taken from the earlier exhibition at the Fluxus, Germany.
Between the works created by the artist for this project we find “Genere d’infinito” a weaving of two big hexagon that refers to the organic cell structure and o the “Tree of Knowledge” a supple copper tube that wraps around the only tree of the cloister referring to the Genesis - in the chapter of the snake, the demon responsible for the ‘original sin’. This is a sculpture in progress in which two elements with the time they will both transform themselves.
Finally couldn’t be missing his storical works as “Protezione Civile” in which Schmidt thinks on the figure and the copy, very important theme to him and many times he treated.
The artist is already well known in Italy for the collaborations he had with the sculpture park Daniel Spoerri and for an important recent European public transnational project Viapac, were he created the work in Demonte (CN).
Beside his performances and sculptures, Pavel Schmidt is known for his illustrated books that shown another side of the artist: hia deep interest for literature and drawing.
He exhibit in 2008 at the Museo Jean Tingguely and in 2011 he realized andexhibit a study with drawings and writings on an unpublished work of Franz Kafka:”p.s. Franz Kafka writings with drawings” at the Harvard University, Massachusetts (US).

Artists who take part in the exhibition:
Pavel Schmidt

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