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13 Ottobre 25 Novembre 2007
Nave, Parco Culturale Le Serre
Via T. Lanza 31, Grugliasco (TO) - Italy
a cura di Patrizia Bottallo

Press Conference Thuersday11 october h 11.00 a.m. Circolo dei Lettori, via Bogino 9 Torino, Guest: prof. F. Remotti, prof. G. Vattimo
Opening saturday 13 october h 6.00 p.m., Nave, parco culturale Le Serre, Via T. Lanza 31, Grugliasco
Orari: Friday h 15,30 – 19,00 saturday e sunday h 10,00 - 13,00 h 15,00 - 20,00


Identity doesn’t possess the solid materiality of a known object.
It is not possible to reconduct it to a unenvoked image, to a definite and defined similarity.
Identity escapes, impalpable, from every judgement that wishes to imprison it.
Prevailing from diverse countries of the world, solicited to investigate on the theme of identity, and utilizing the techniques that they have a predilection for, these artists have responded with shapes, colours, images, sounds, materials and textures, intending that identity be under a suggestive profile and also collective.
Identity is expressed in details and in the chromatic textures of the great paintings of Ann-Caroline Brieg, imaginary metaphors of real places and of the conscience, rich in silent geometry and erudite callings.
Identity is in the pictures and the frescoes of Valerio Berruti, small gestures, a deep glance, the ingenuity of adolescence taken from his family photographs.
Identity is the energy that permeates from the warrior horses of Danilo Bozetto’s work, ready to defend his two damsels, Anna and Laura.
Identity is the intensity of the glances of the artists, in Sarah Michael’s portraits.
Identity is a place of belonging dug up by signs on Samuel Adams’ pavement, that redesign the house or journey of a toy train that recreates its daily movement with the London underground.
Identity is the reflections of Kasper Pincis’ intimate set, an Olivetti typewriter on an old desk, shelves full of literature and philosophy, walls packed with images composed of typographical signs.
Identity is the displacement of the video instalments by Eliose Rowley, a ride in movement that blurs and whirls our perceptive capacity.
Identity is sealed in the hooded characters of the sought after works embroidered on cloth created by Kent Henricksen.
Identity is the introspection of Min Kim’s self portraits and youngsters, compositions suspended between the fusion with nature and graphic composition.
Identity is the metaphoric and daydreaming dimension expressed in the great photographic self portraits by Hyung Geun Park.

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Artists who take part in the exhibition:
Ann-Caroline Breig
Danilo Bozzetto
Eloise Rowley
Hyung Geun Park
Kasper Pincis
Kent Henricksen
Min Kim
Samuel Adams
Sarah Michael
Valerio Berruti

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