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contemporary visions

17 ottobre - 15 novembre 2009
Nave, Parco Culturale Le Serre
Via T. Lanza 31, Grugliasco (TO) - Italy
a cura di Patrizia Bottallo

Deers, lions, elephants, jaguars, bears, rabbits,
butterflies …. ANIMALS, all creatures that have always
fascinated man with their beauty, their bearing, their
“way of existing”.
Animals in the sense of creatures tied to the world of
nature, of the divine, of the imagination, of magic, at
times epitomising man’s aspirations towards inaccessible
heavens and paradises, at others embodying his qualities,
faults and vices, symbols and metaphors.
Today, in our society, there exists such a clear dividing
line that man and animals are seen as belonging to two
separate spheres.
“ANIMALS - contemporary visions”: the idea of staging an
exhibition with this theme sprang from reflecting on the
interest that the animal world arouses in children, who are
still free from the mental infrastructures that influence
and pollute the atavistic relation between these two
“worlds” and free from the thought that ever since the
first graffiti man has felt the need to depict both himself
and animals.

Arnold Mario Dall’O, Cracking Art Group, David Mach,
Nicola Hicks, Pascal Bernier, Zadok Ben-David, Alana Lake,
Derek Curtis, Hannah Dougherty, James Jessop, Kate Groobey,
Pepe Fotografia – all artists who use the animal metaphor
not only as a subject for their aesthetic quest. Their works
suggest and convey social situations, bear witness to and
codify contemporary reality, redefine the presupposed
relationship between man and animals by breaking down the
barriers between the real and the fantastical. The animal is
not neutralised but thanks to their artistic interpretation
regains its “animalitas”, becoming a disquieting
presence, charged with symbolic valencies, capable of
calling into question man’s hypocritical conviction of
being superior to nature.

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Artists who take part in the exhibition:
Alana Lake
Arnold Mario Dall'O
Cracking Art Group
David Mach
Derek Curtis
Hannah Dougherty
James Jessop
Kate Groobey
Nicola Hicks
Pascal Bernier
Pepe Fotografia
Zadok Ben David

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